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“I first met Clay Harbin at a manifesting meditation class, and was instantly captivated by what he shared in regards to manifesting. After that class, my sister and I immediately went and ‘tested’ (put into practice) what we’d learned. She went to a Lexus dealership and I, to a Saturn dealership. Well, it wasn’t long thereafter, that I manifested my Saturn. I now evaluate my participation in most activities using the one criteria I learned from him that day – Is it my highest excitement?

Aside from the wonderful tools he shared on that day, however, my greatest joy lay in his validation of all the ‘crazy’ notions of knowing I’d held in regards to ‘reality’. As mind-blowing as these thoughts were, he intimated there was more to this thrilling ride we call ‘life’. True enough, I am learning in his Thursday night class that there is infinitely more. For me, it is now not merely about manifesting. It’s about utilizing all that I’m being exposed to in order to improve the quality of my earthly experience by absorbing these life truths into my being.” –M. P. M.

This is one of the best no-nonsense series of lectures for understanding the “why I am here?” question. For the first time in my life I can finally make sense of everything that has happened to me.   Finally, I “get” who I am. I have learned how to tap into that incredible power that I already possess, but didn’t even know existed!  This is truly life changing information for anyone who dares to dream a better life.” –Carla S.

“Clay Harbin’s “Assimilation of Truth” series has improved the quality of my experience. Clay’s unique brand of humor and candor has provided many tools to understand who I truly AM. At Christmas time, I spontaneously followed my highest excitement, drove to Florida on Christmas Eve and surprised my father, brothers and nieces; a truly joyous occasion. One evening, I planted plastic flamingos outside a hospice; I felt like a kid again. When I now plunge into the hot tub, I float into an incredible world that lies at the seat of my higher self. My imagination has once again surfaced as my most prized manifestation tool.” –Guy H.

“What I have learned in these classes is invaluable.  Learning how to take charge of my life and no longer having a victim mentality is empowerment.  Following my highest excitement puts me on the right path every time.  This stuff really works!  It would be irresponsible on my part not to recommend this to everyone I know and everyone I don’t know.” –Christie C.

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