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How to Loosen the Grip of Fear That Creates Dysfunction in Our Love Relationships

The most common misdirection from love is the avoidance of pain. There is only one motivation for human beings and that is to follow the path of least pain. Every decision you make considers every possible action with the primary focus being to avoid pain. Often it becomes impossible to follow a path with no pain at all; in this case, we pursue the path of least perceived pain.

The word perceived is important here because all reality is evaluated through one’s beliefs and definitions of the world. Unfortunately, our society’s primary motivation is that of fear. Consequently, our beliefs and definitions for evaluating our circumstances have been twisted and distorted to support our continued justification for fear.

Living in fear is to live in the dark – forever seeking a place of protection. We all know that personal achievement comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, yet all are continuing to follow the path of least pain determined through the filters of fear. Learn more …


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Why You Need to Love Your Life Right Now – Not When Things Will Be Different

Your emotional state is your creative mechanism that is always producing a reality to support the experience of it. When knowing this, the “Now” becomes paramount in understanding choice. Why I’m saying this is that if your emotional state is about the future or the past you will create a reality to support “lack” in the now. Let me give you an example to help you understand this.

Beth is becoming aware of her creative abilities and in doing so she begins to concentrate on creating a reality of her dreams. The first thing she does is begin to imagine how happy she will be when her greatest wishes are fulfilled. That emotional state is specific to the idea that happiness will only happen when she achieves her goal. But she is actually haphazardly creating an experience of ongoing lack of happiness.

For another example let’s apply this to loving a partner. Beth makes the decision to create the perfect relationship from her present relationship. Beth’s partner is someone she cares for dearly and would like everything to work out. There are only a few things that need work; Mark, her partner is a little overweight, and a little less attentive than she would prefer. She’s learning that if you love unconditionally then that love will be reflected back to you in the perfectness that it is given. In recognizing that a few things need work she sets out to create her preferred reality.

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How to Stop Looking For a Soul Mate and Find Perfect Love

The romantic idea of the soul mate is fanciful but actually retards the opportunity for love. Dedication to the belief that there is one ultimate person out there for us inadvertently locks us into unfulfilled love. The truth is that there is absolutely no limit for the opportunity of love.

The diversity of the soul has become convinced that it is all actually separate entities wandering amongst the multitude of possibility with only one likely link for fulfillment. This of course is quite absurd. When awakening to your magnificence the first perfect love in your life is the one reflected to you in the mirror, once that love is realized every perceived individual you encounter becomes another opportunity for perfect love.

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