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Suffering….. Is In The Details

Our minds were never meant for planning out the details – only to evaluate our “now” experiences and give them some kind of response. There is another part of us that has a primary function of being concerned only with details that we fail to trust and utilize.

Our commitments to limiting beliefs are what separate us from ecstatic creation and confine us to a life of quiet compromise. We all are guilty of stepping into blindness by our inadvertent contract with limiting definitions and ideas of how the world works. All of this continues to justify war and conflict for the purpose of protection, perpetuating victimhood as our only identifier for the personal and collective suffering of history.

Our subconscious mind is so cluttered with restrictive concepts that the majesty that could be our life is confined to the self-perception that our experience is a process of uncontrollable circumstance. This of course reinforces the belief that we have no real control, and our best chance for success is to dominate the situation and force it in our preferred direction.

The modality for the expression of this dominance is to stay on top of every conceivable variable. This we have convinced ourselves is absolutely necessary for our survival. Most would agree -”Of course it’s important to stay on top of the facts, if we don’t we will most certainly be caught off guard and unprepared”.

Unfortunately this only leads to more frustration and non-fulfillment. The mechanism under which we are designed to function doesn’t allow for successful domination of anything. Yes, you are hearing right – the act of achieving success in life should involve spiritual understanding.

The more one commits themselves to the details of life’s challenges, the more one slows progress and creates an environment for suffering. In other words we, in our physical expression, cannot see the “big picture” only our higher self (mind) can do that. The physical expression operates best by focusing on the evaluation of the experience, disregarding the how and whys of the situation. The challenge of this is obvious due to society’s commitment to the idea of – the more you are obsessed with the details, the more control you have over your life.

My humble suggestion is to try something different; we certainly all know that what we’ve been doing doesn’t work.

Simply become one with your higher mind. Use your physical mind and body to enjoy and evaluate the now. Cultivate, trust, and utilize your imagination for the purpose of communicating to the higher mind your preferred experience. Last but not least, allow the genius within you to flow by letting go of your addiction to the details.

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