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How to Loosen the Grip of Fear That Creates Dysfunction in Our Love Relationships

The most common misdirection from love is the avoidance of pain. There is only one motivation for human beings and that is to follow the path of least pain. Every decision you make considers every possible action with the primary focus being to avoid pain. Often it becomes impossible to follow a path with no pain at all; in this case, we pursue the path of least perceived pain.

The word perceived is important here because all reality is evaluated through one’s beliefs and definitions of the world. Unfortunately, our society’s primary motivation is that of fear. Consequently, our beliefs and definitions for evaluating our circumstances have been twisted and distorted to support our continued justification for fear.

Living in fear is to live in the dark – forever seeking a place of protection. We all know that personal achievement comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, yet all are continuing to follow the path of least pain determined through the filters of fear.

The solution is simple in concept and difficult in application because it takes the re-defining of one’s belief systems and definitions of the world and requires looking deep into the dark aspects of one’s personal psyche. To do this you must step out of automatic pilot and begin to examine what scares you. Right now all your decisions are made from a subconscious mind full of rules and regulations based on fear.

The things that scare us are uncomfortable so we tuck them away out of sight into the subconscious mind. Once it’s out of the conscious mind it’s forever quietly directing from behind-the-scenes your every decision. Your self-perception is made of thousands of these scary thoughts and your ego is so committed to your perception of self that redefining “self” is considered the greatest of personal insults.

The more afraid you are, the more unlikely you will ever find lasting love and your relationships will continue to be cursed with inescapable dysfunction. Let go of fear and step into your birthright of ecstatic creation.

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