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Why You Need to Love Your Life Right Now – Not When Things Will Be Different

Your emotional state is your creative mechanism that is always producing a reality to support the experience of it. When knowing this, the “Now” becomes paramount in understanding choice. Why I’m saying this is that if your emotional state is about the future or the past you will create a reality to support “lack” in the now. Let me give you an example to help you understand this.

Beth is becoming aware of her creative abilities and in doing so she begins to concentrate on creating a reality of her dreams. The first thing she does is begin to imagine how happy she will be when her greatest wishes are fulfilled. That emotional state is specific to the idea that happiness will only happen when she achieves her goal. But she is actually haphazardly creating an experience of ongoing lack of happiness.

For another example let’s apply this to loving a partner. Beth makes the decision to create the perfect relationship from her present relationship. Beth’s partner is someone she cares for dearly and would like everything to work out. There are only a few things that need work; Mark, her partner is a little overweight, and a little less attentive than she would prefer. She’s learning that if you love unconditionally then that love will be reflected back to you in the perfectness that it is given. In recognizing that a few things need work she sets out to create her preferred reality.

A month later the dysfunction between Beth and Mark has escalated to a degree that their relationship is now in peril. Unfortunately, Beth did not love the now and concentrated on how she would feel once Mark had lost the weight and became more attentive. In doing so, her creative abilities produced a reality to support the idea that happiness would come to her only after Mark had achieved her goals. Her experience now became that of lacking her preference, leading to frustration from her and Mark feeling increasingly pressured. Let’s look at the results if she truly loved him unconditionally.

Loving unconditionally involves choosing to see her preferred perfection right now. It’s important here to point out the perils of denial. Denial is often expressed through avoiding the unpleasant by choosing to ignore it; this of course leads to an emotional state that will create a reality to support a need to ignore something.

Loving unconditionally is an act of absolute sincerity; for Beth in this instance it would be expressed by the idea that every characteristic of Mark would be sincerely seen as perfection. The little voice in your head most likely will respond to this by saying: if I acted that way, would I not be asking for Mark to stay a little heavy and un-attentive? The answer is no because you’re idea of perfection is Mark, a little slimmer and more attentive. The unavoidable result to loving unconditionally will be Mark becoming the perfect partner.

Here it becomes important to address the appearance of contradiction in what I’m sharing. The true majesty of life occurs when one begins to visualize reality so effectively that they begin to step into the paradox of it. One’s creative powers emanate from a state of paradox. At this point don’t try to analyze it or understand it, just allow it to go to work for you by falling in love with now.

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