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How to Stop Looking For a Soul Mate and Find Perfect Love

The romantic idea of the soul mate is fanciful but actually retards the opportunity for love. Dedication to the belief that there is one ultimate person out there for us inadvertently locks us into unfulfilled love. The truth is that there is absolutely no limit for the opportunity of love.

The diversity of the soul has become convinced that it is all actually separate entities wandering amongst the multitude of possibility with only one likely link for fulfillment. This of course is quite absurd. When awakening to your magnificence the first perfect love in your life is the one reflected to you in the mirror, once that love is realized every perceived individual you encounter becomes another opportunity for perfect love.

Why does Romance have to derive from limitation? Society reinforces that romantic love is actually the fear of losing love. Every romantic novel, movie, and poem projects feelings of love through the emotional sensation of loss. Love is the very substance we all are made of, losing it is only possible through the multitude of limiting beliefs we project ourselves through.

Try on a new perception. Every experience and person you encounter is an opportunity to expand into the awareness that all is perfect love. When one understands the dynamics of creation and action such as this can only produce one result – absolute fulfillment every moment of every day and a wonderful side effect for you will be absolute control over your choice of the perfect romantic love.

Love is infinite and so are all your possibilities. The only way to know love is to become love.

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