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Perfect Love – A Poem By Ed Perry

A child has two parents with recent developmental experience to oversee the process,
A child is given four grandparents with greater wisdom to periodically check on progress,
Great grandparents are often whisperers that guide the team from the sky,
Brothers, sisters, cousins and friends ensure social skills of both hand and eye,
Teachers coach the breadth and depth of our interests and our intellect,
Only the Earth not Kroger provides food, air, and water and fails to collect.

Perfect Love supports all children bad or tall, good or small, and never asks tuition,
Like the child, similar thoughts are stacked together and always parented to fruition,
Good hands nurture, protect and shield each thought, allowing no other type,
These thoughts coalesce like the teens at the mall, attracted to the hype,
Vibrant is the pool that supports our thoughts with all knowing consciousness,
Father instantly frames each thought matrix, emboldening our inquisitiveness.

Each thought is an embryo, enveloped in the purest energy, grouped by possibility,
Conducting the next purified essence of itself, in any direction nearly unto perfection,
Variation is the game, spontaneity is the rule until one iteration meets suitability,
Separation not yet in play, progression, graduation and a higher school in session,
Freshness exposed to these freshmen permit altered growth and wondrous ability,
You see the cycle never has to end because the Father is wholly and purely perfection.

In unbounded consciousness; horror, evil and pain are electives you might choose,
Unimaginable suffering, developed by the thinker as the observer takes a snooze,
Rape, murder and even hate; non is refused at his gate,
In unbounded love each thought proceeds, love the thinker not his dastardly deeds,
Each and every possibility asks and receives support and access to Father’s riches,
Choose what ever reality you will, he permits digging two hundred ditches.

Think of your Father as a pool of perfection, toss in your ideas he’ll not use selection,
Instantly feed in limitless resources, absolute gratitude and his ultimate protection,
Integration provides speed to the process, segregative-rigidity retards our gnosis,
Each thought is an orb bound like a bubble, flexible orbs are fed by osmosis,
Rigid orbs resist penetration, encourage detail, pain, separation and frustration,
Possibility is a group of over-lapping thought-orbs, sharing a common theme or vibration.

Ego teaches that each thought is separate; effective thoughts form possibility,
Ego teaches that each of us is separate; fulfilled living is integrating with the whole,
Ego is the dial that controls the intensity of the orb that segregates our possibilities,
Ego reinforces the illusion that each possibility is separate as it develops,
Integration is taught by the spirit within, Love is the Father’s pool each orb it envelopes,
Visualization creates the framework, detailed support is Father’s only work.

One with the Father, or flexibile integration in the Father’s pool of Perfect Love is what the savior meant,
That’s where Perfected Love provides Infinite Continuous Support of all your possibilities without judgment.

Guest post by Ed Perry, based upon the teaching of Clay Harbin

Tags: awakening, enlightenment, Love | Relationships

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