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How to Love Without the Fear of Heartbreak

It’s fascinating how fear is the primary filter for evaluating everything, especially love. When stepping into a relationship that feels right on so many levels, how do we know that this is the person we can invest our emotions in? Of course one needs to consider all the potential disasters that could befall them. Such as, if I give myself to this person completely will it lead eventually to heartbreak and disappointment? Or maybe there are societal standards that have to first be met before I can even begin to consider a relationship. The fact is, love is as love does. What you put out is what you get back. If you fear rejection, you get back rejection. If you fear cheating, you get back cheating. If you look for potential disaster you will find disaster.

The only way to know love is to become love. Unfortunately people pursue love fearing its outcome. Love is not weakness; it is the one expression when performed in its purest intent that cannot be denied. The challenge is opening the heart without fear of losing ones’ heart. What you put out is what you get back. Your entire physical experience is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside you.

The easy solution for knowing whether the person is right for you or not is a simple one – choose to love unconditionally. When you love in its purest form you will get back love in its purest form. The answers are never outside of you, they are always within you. There is no criterion for that special person to meet, your experience with them will be a direct result of how willing you are to let go of your fear and embrace love. Be the opportunity for sweet fulfillment and you will have it.

Love doesn’t have to be fearful. Society and Hollywood show us that we don’t know love until we have the fear of losing it. That’s not what love is at all. Don’t let the fear of love keep you from becoming love.

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