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About Us

We are an organization dedicated to spiritual development without external authority. We are simply pursuers of truth. We passionately express this through creating the opportunity to share. The message holds the importance, not the source delivering it.

To define truth you simply acknowledge that truth is, was, and always shall be the same. If what you experience only meets two and not three of those criteria, then you are viewing the glamour of the ego, not the truth.

Our choice to omit information for the legitimizing of our speakers is part of the message. In general, it’s considered customary to tell the story of the architect sharing the message in order to legitimize his or her message. We feel you are as much a creator of the message as we are. The truth is, was, and always shall be. Your inquiry of it is the other side of the coin for bringing it forth into conscious awareness. If the message works for you, embrace it, if not let it go.

We are aware that humanity collectively is stepping into fourth density perception. With this comes conscious responsibility. Responsibility will be realized by a gradual disintegration of the old paradigm. With our organization we are going to create an opportunity for those of like mind to learn about and experience fourth density now.

The accelerated use of fear will be the egos reaction to the immense changes happening. Our intention is to offer an alternative path for the mind to take.

Please join us in the experience of ecstatic creation.

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