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Perfect Love – A Poem By Ed Perry

A child has two parents with recent developmental experience to oversee the process,
A child is given four grandparents with greater wisdom to periodically check on progress,
Great grandparents are often whisperers that guide the team from the sky,
Brothers, sisters, cousins and friends ensure social skills of both hand and eye,
Teachers coach the breadth and depth of our interests and our intellect,
Only the Earth not Kroger provides food, air, and water and fails to collect.

Perfect Love supports all children bad or tall, good or small, and never asks tuition,
Like the child, similar thoughts are stacked together and always parented to fruition,
Good hands nurture, protect and shield each thought, allowing no other type,
These thoughts coalesce like the teens at the mall, attracted to the hype,
Vibrant is the pool that supports our thoughts with all knowing consciousness,
Father instantly frames each thought matrix, emboldening our inquisitiveness. Learn more …


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Suffering….. Is In The Details

Our minds were never meant for planning out the details – only to evaluate our “now” experiences and give them some kind of response. There is another part of us that has a primary function of being concerned only with details that we fail to trust and utilize.

Our commitments to limiting beliefs are what separate us from ecstatic creation and confine us to a life of quiet compromise. We all are guilty of stepping into blindness by our inadvertent contract with limiting definitions and ideas of how the world works. All of this continues to justify war and conflict for the purpose of protection, perpetuating victimhood as our only identifier for the personal and collective suffering of history.

Our subconscious mind is so cluttered with restrictive concepts that the majesty that could be our life is confined to the self-perception that our experience is a process of uncontrollable circumstance. This of course reinforces the belief that we have no real control, and our best chance for success is to dominate the situation and force it in our preferred direction.

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How to Loosen the Grip of Fear That Creates Dysfunction in Our Love Relationships

The most common misdirection from love is the avoidance of pain. There is only one motivation for human beings and that is to follow the path of least pain. Every decision you make considers every possible action with the primary focus being to avoid pain. Often it becomes impossible to follow a path with no pain at all; in this case, we pursue the path of least perceived pain.

The word perceived is important here because all reality is evaluated through one’s beliefs and definitions of the world. Unfortunately, our society’s primary motivation is that of fear. Consequently, our beliefs and definitions for evaluating our circumstances have been twisted and distorted to support our continued justification for fear.

Living in fear is to live in the dark – forever seeking a place of protection. We all know that personal achievement comes from stepping outside of one’s comfort zone, yet all are continuing to follow the path of least pain determined through the filters of fear.

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